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Easy Ways To Keep Your Central Air Conditioner Running Efficiently

Costly AC Replacement and Repairs in South Florida can possibly be avoided by utilizing these tips.  If you have any questions about AC or Refrigeration Repair in South Florida, give us a call today.

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Easy Ways To Keep Your Central Air Conditioner Running Efficiently - Tips From  United AC and Refrigeration in South Florida

Check Your Air Conditioning Filters
Check your AC filters at least once a month and switch them out for a fresh one if needed. This is especially important during the hot South Florida summer months when pollen and dust can stay in the air. If the filter is too dirty, it can block proper air-flow to your AC and it will have to work harder to cool your house.

Replacing filters is the easiest and most effective ways of saving money and energy when it comes to using your central air conditioning in South Florida.

Keep The Area Around Your Air Conditioning Free of Debris
Keep the area around the unit free of leaves, grass and paper to increase airflow and keep its the running parts clean. This will help maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency. Your AC unit can’t intake air as efficiently if any of debris is near the vents. Some cities in South Florida like Wellington want the AC units to be surrounded with shrubs. That’s ok just make sure you keep them about 2 feet from the unit.
Avoid heat near your thermostat
Don’t place or point TV’s, lamps, indoor flood lights, or unnatural sources of heat near your air conditioner’s thermostat. Temperature sensors in the thermostat might detect a rise in temperature causing the AC to work more than necessary. If you install a new thermostat, try not to place it in an area where sun may shine on it as well.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance in South Florida Every Year
Just like a vehicle, your home’s air conditioner is a huge investment, especially here in South Florida. You should have an HVAC contractor look at the unit every year just like when you take your vehicle to the mechanic for a tune-up. When United AC and Refrigeration services your air conditioner, we will make sure all running parts have sufficient lubrication and we will make adjustments that will help increase the efficiency of your South Florida central air conditioning. We will also inform you you about minor problems that may need attention now before they become costly repairs down the road.

You Might Want to Think About an AC Replacement  in Your South Florida Home
Often the greatest thing you can do to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner unit in South Florida is to purchase a new AC unit. This is often the case when:

  • Your South Florida AC unit is older than 10 years. Today’s A/C units with high efficiency or SEER rating of at least 13 can be up to 25 percent more efficient than an old AC Unit. You can also look forward to saving up to 30 percent on your FPL bill.
  • Your A/C  frequently needs to be fixed.
  • Your South Florida AC does not cool all rooms equally.
  • Your FPL bill steadily increases. Also a spike in your FPL bill may indicate a problem.
  • You AC unit is not the right size for you dwelling. An AC unit that is too big for your home uses too much power to cool your house. An AC unit that’s too little has to run harder to keep the home cool and may not remove moisture in the air.

Fans of Your AC are Your Fans
If your South Florida home has ceiling fans, have your ceiling fans run counterclockwise in the summer. This will push the cool air down. Especially if you have ducts that are high on walls. Running your ceiling fans can assist in keep in your home cooler during the South Florida Heat and help take a load off your hard working AC unit.

If you feel that your AC may not be running properly contact our AC Repair  Company in Broward County for an AC Inspection and Troubleshooting

Let United AC and Refrigeration Fix the A/C in Your Palm Beach or Broward County Home.

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