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Energy Bills – How Do You Lower Them?

Best Way To Lower Energy Bills

Energy bills are a hot topic! As the summer months arrive the heat and humidity come with them. It makes a world of difference to have a quality air conditioning unit installed. In South Florida, a well-functioning air conditioner is a must! AC Systems are the most energy consuming appliances.

Air Conditioning Service

Before the heat kicks in, it is important to have a thorough AC service. That way it’s prepared to last the summer months. Servicing the AC unit is a vital part of air conditioner maintenance. It’s a chore you won’t regret once the thermometer starts soaring.

Generally speaking, ac maintenance includes changing filters, inspecting coils, and unclog drain lines. Hiring a professional to do this job can save a lot of money in the long run. Thus, servicing your ac unit will result in higher efficiency and dependability. This helps avoid the energy bills from spiraling out of control. Our company has a 13-point inspection that we perform on every visit.

What Can You Do?

AC service is important for the unit to work in optimal conditions and helps to keep energy bills down. We recommend you hire a professional air conditioning repair company. But, there are a few things you can do yourself.

One thing a homeowner can do themselves is make sure all the windows are well sealed and use curtains. This will stop the precious cool from air escaping.

Some other ways you can reduce energy bills but still enjoy the cool air of your AC unit is using a ceiling fan. This helps to circulate the air. The fan spreads air around the whole room .

Next, set the AC to a lower temperature when someone is home. Program the thermostat to increase the temperature at times of sleeping or when you are out. This can help to reduce the energy bill a lot!

It can be tempting to drop the temperature as low as possible when you walk in the door. This doesn’t actually cool the room any quicker. Sometimes you need some patience and a cold glass of water while the AC is getting to work.

Avoiding a heat build up through the day will allow your AC to work efficient and not work so hard. You can do this by closing curtains through the day so that the sun can’t get in. Furthermore, using ovens and microwaves less help keep the indoor temperatures down. Thus, helping lower cooling costs.

Schedule Maintenance

Preparation for the summer is vital to living comfortable throughout the heat. Part of this preparation is having a thorough AC maintenance BEFORE summer arrives.

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