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Ice on Your A/C? Why Your Air Conditioner is Frozen & How to Fix It

The Weather in South Florida and make your AC freeze up even if it's hot in your house. 

Air Conditioning units in South Florida can freeze up. If your AC freezes up, you have a problem.
If your south florida air conditioner has ice forming on it or is freezing up, here are the two biggest reason for the freeze up.

Restricted Air Flow to Your Air Conditioner
Airflow is one of the biggest reasons for AC freeze ups. AC units need proper air flow to keep then running properly in our south florida climate.
The temperature of the AC coils will drop below freezing due to insufficient air flow. The coils in your AC unit collect condensation or humidity in the room, basically turning your AC into an ice-maker.

Most often this can be caused by a dirty air filter that won’t allow air to flow thru the unit. But there can also be other issues with your AC:

  • Dirty Evaporator Coils
  • Improperly sized or damaged ductwork
  • Not enough return ducts

What can you do right away to try to stop this problem of your AC Freezing?

Replace your air filter. If you live in South Florida and are still having issues call one of our techs and United AC!!
Another issue that can cause your AC to freeze is refrigerant or freon. The refrigerant is an important part of your air conditioner. It collects the warm air in your place and pumps it outside.
Over time and because of lack of maintenance, and vibration can cause refrigerant leaks. This causes your air conditioner to lose efficiently and can lead to freeze ups.

What do do to fix this? Call United AC and Refrigeration now!!

When an AC is running low on refrigerant or improperly charged the condenser coils containing the refrigerant drop in temperature so low that it causes ice to build up. This happens quickly in our South Florida climate when the air is humid or the coils are dusty or dirty.

Let United AC and Refrigeration Fix the A/C in Your South Florida Home.

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