How to Lower Your Energy Bills

How to Lower Your Energy Bills

As the summer months roll around and the heat and humidity come with them, it makes a world of difference to have a quality air conditioning unit installed. For the tropical neighborhoods of South Florida, a well-functioning air conditioner can mean the difference between melting in the summer heat or finding your home and refreshing and cooling escape.

Before the heat really kicks in, it is important to have a thorough AC service so that it is prepared to last the summer months. Servicing the AC unit is a vital part of air conditioner maintenance and a chore you won’t regret once the thermometer starts soaring.

Some things that need to be tended to during an AC service include changing the filters, cleaning the coils, unclogging the condensate drains, and some other tasks. Hiring a professional to do this job is one upfront cost that can save a lot of money in the long run. The better your AC is serviced, the more efficiently it will run during the summer and avoid the energy bills from spiraling out of control.

Not only is an AC service important for the unit to work in optimal condition, but it also helps to keep energy bills at a lower price. To get maximum benefit from your AC and avoid paying high costs, starts by making sure all the windows in the room where the AC will be used are well sealed. This will stop the precious cool air escaping and eluding the place where it is needed the most.

Some other ways you can reduce energy bills but still enjoy the maximum benefits of your AC during summer include using the AC in conjunction with a ceiling fan. This helps to circulate the air and spread it around the whole room, rather than being concentrated to one small area. Next, set the AC to a high temperature when it is in use and then program it to decrease when it isn’t needed, at times of sleeping or when you are out. This can help to reduce the electric bill by around 10 per cent each summer.

Although it can be tempting to drop the temperature as low as possible when you walk in the door, this doesn’t actually cool the room any quicker. Rather, keeping it at a pleasant and temperature setting will cool the room more evenly. Sometimes you just need some patience and a cold glass of water while the AC is getting to work. Also, avoiding a heat build up through the day will allow your AC to work more efficiently and reduce your electric bill. You can do this by closing curtains through the day so that the sun can’t get in as strongly. Also, avoiding using the oven to cook and microwave can help keep the indoor temperature down.

Preparation for the summer is vital to ensure you can live comfortably throughout the heat. Part of this preparation is having a thorough AC maintenance to ensure it is running in optimal condition and contribute to energy savings.

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