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Can Your HVAC System Clean Odors?

Can your hard working South Florida AC really filter out household odors?  Let's filter out this question.

“I believe the HVAC industry is responsible for the health of the country, because all the air that anyone breathes in a building goes through a mechanical system,” he said. “If that system isn’t maintained properly, then there are going to be issues. The biggest source of IAQ problems, in my experience, is contaminated heating and cooling equipment.” Author Jeffrey May

There continues to be a debate on Indoor Air Quality in South Florida or IAQ and whether your HVAC system can purify your air.  When you don’t spend the necessary time maintaining your HVAC system you are subjected to bacteria that can fill the air.  

If you feel your AC is the cause of poor air quality in your South Florida home, give us a call.

If your air is filled with pet dander and other harmful bacteria, it can lead to disease and breathing issues. However, if you’re not allergic to those items, it may go unnoticed for long periods of time creating more problems later on.

The “Dirty Sock” smell is something that people will notice if their AC has been off for a period of time.  Since we live in Florida, that smell can overwhelm you when high temperatures are present and condensation has set in.

One of the primary causes of this type of smell is from bacteria that is in the system’s coils. This is one of the areas your HVAC tech will check on routine house calls.  But the question is can you HVAC clean odors?

May suggests the following “You have to protect the air conditioning coil, the pan, and all that fibrous lining from accumulating any kind of dust, otherwise the system becomes contaminated, and the resulting mold and bacteria will be blown all over the house.”

Your home still needs to have proper ventilation, good air cleaners and humidity control to name a few. It helps if you have a dehumidifier running in days the humidity is thick.  When the weather prevails open the windows and let the fresh air in.

Our technicians at United AC and Refrigeration can make proper suggestions regarding improvement in your air quality in your Palm Beach or Broward County home. 

The only way to have purified air is to work at it.  Like many South Florida homeowners, you’ll need to consider the negative impact of improper humidity control, inadequate ventilation and the health effects of indoor air to make an educated decision.

Keep in mind that if you’ve recently experienced a plumbing or roof leak, the odors could be from that and not your HVAC system. Be sure to inform the technician of any of these changes to your environment.

If you’re sensing a change in the odor of your home and suspect your AC, contact our AC Repair offices to learn more.

Jeffrey May is a scientist and the author of “My House is Killing Me”.

Let United AC and Refrigeration Check the Air Quality in Your South Florida Home.

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