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South Florida: Five Things Everyone Should Know About Air Quality

Five Things Everyone Should Know About Air Quality in South Florida

Tips from our AC repair company:  Need to improve air quality, contact the team at United AC and Refrigeration in Deerfield Beach.

Imagine having a difficult time breathing in and out naturally. Imagine the panic of suffocating can be and then picture having to struggle with something as simple as breathing air can be so troublesome to those with breathing and lung disorders and allergies. Clean air is vital to one’s health and wellbeing. By taking the right precautions you will optimize your physical fitness altogether. Here are the five basics that everyone should know about including you.

Duct Cleaning along with regular maintenance of your HVAC systems can improve the quality of the air that we breathe. It’s also imperative to clean the heating and cooling coils and the motors to improve efficiencies. This and having your unit and the area around it tested for mold are two best practices that you can easily adopt.

Mold Testing is highly recommended to do when you live in places like South Florida. These areas tend to have high humidity that can sometimes affect things like insulation and mold can build up and around your unit. Black mold can be highly dangerous and cause extreme complications for people who suffer from lung and breathing disorders such as asthma. This is also highly toxic to people and animals and should be addressed immediately. Many times this treatment is covered under home owner’s insurance. Check with your carrier if they will cover the inspection and repair. As a home owner or a tenant, you should get into the habit of changing out your air filters and purifiers on a routine check. The check would be a good time to look for signs of mold in and near your unit. If you find mold, then call a professional right away.

Air Purifiers can help to clean the environment and rid the air of pollutants such as gas and vapors. Because things like disinfectants, formaldehyde and even new carpets can give off particles that can get into our breathing. The baby on the carpet, the dog and grandpa Jack can be affected the most. By installing an air purifying system you eliminate airborne particles making the air cleaner and fresher. Air purifiers can be a solution for people suffering from COPD and other breathing disorders.

Health Smart Filters have an advantage because they don’t cause leakage and prevent the filter from becoming contaminated. Health Smart Filters work, 600 times more than other filters on the market. They counteract particles from mold, fungi and bacteria from entering into the atmosphere.

UV Light Installations HVAC UV lights are very effective at controlling mold inside the air handler. All mold in line-of-sight of the UV bulb will be killed, keeping the coil mold-free. When this happens, it keeps the air clean. This is proven to be effective by studies done by Duke University and is noted that the bulbs last about 1 year. The cost is reasonable and there is a significant difference in the way you will breathe.

Everyone knows that breathing is essential. Without quality air our health deteriorates, making our existence challenging. For people that suffer from COPD or have chronic asthma are at risk of becoming ill or something worse. It’s important to maintain a healthy environment for both your family and you.

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