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Pompano Beach AC Repair 24 -7 Emergency Service

At United AC, we pride ourselves on being responsive. If you live in the Pompano Beach area and need AC maintenance or repair call us!

We are air conditioning specialists servicing the Pompano Beach area and will do all that we can to make sure your home or commercial air conditioning system is cooling at its optimum level.

With the hot weather we have it's not uncommon for your AC to take some abuse. 
Whether you have recently purchased a new air conditioning system for your home or you feel that the air conditioning system is not working as good as it should, you must maintain it! Just like a car, it must be serviced. Failing to change your oil and dealing with minor repairs would lead to a big problem. The same goes for your home air conditioning unit!

Our AC techs will do a 13-point inspection that ensures your air conditioning unit is running soothing in the Florida heat Right now were are running an online tune-up special.

Contact us today if you need AC Maintenance or Repair in Pompano Beach!


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