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Why is My AC Leaking Water?

Why is My AC Leaking Water?

If you live in the Southern Florida region, then you could be one of those folks that runs your air conditioning unit all the time.  This is common in areas that have temperatures reaching past the 80’s on a regular basis.  So with that being said, we get lots of calls for people with issues regarding their air conditioning unit.  Many times we’re called because of leaking units or water found near and around the unit itself.  First thing you’ll need to do is turn the Air Conditioner completely off and call a professional immediately. Leaking water can do a lot of destruction that can cost you more the longer you wait.  Keep in mind during busy times of the year there can often times be a wait for a technician, so the sooner you call the better.

Next, assess where the water is coming from.  Is it leaking under the unit? In the pan? Around the tubes? Once you’ve determined where the water is coming from the technician will be check several points of the unit to see what the source is.

  • Clogged Filters
  • Condensation in Line
  • Condenser Pump is broken
  • Extra pressure from an improper install
  • Drain hole blocked with debris
  • Outside change of temperature
  • Air seals not tight enough.

The air conditioner’s job is to take humidity that forms from the air, turning through the evaporator coils that turn it into cool air that is distributed back into the home. Many of the unit’s parts can become clogged, broken or damaged.  A professional will check these points on your unit to ensure that the unit is working properly.  Many times you can clean the part by unclogging it or rinsing it out, but its recommended to call a professional because you are working with electricity and water in many cases requiring a certified technician be deployed.

The other element to consider is to ask if the problem is a problem or is it condensation? Condensation is normal in many parts of your AC unit or HVAC system.  If you’re in doubt, calling a professional can not only repair the problem, it’s also excellent for your pocket book. Many people wait until their unit has failed altogether to call a professional leaving more damage to be done to the unit afterward. Don’t hesitate to call as soon as you see any doubtful traces of water anywhere near or around the unit.

For more information on leaks and other HVAC or AC unit conditions contact our offices, 954-428-7877.

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